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How to Disinfect Vehicle with Ozone?

Ozone Disinfection for a Healthy Driving

Interior cleaning is important for both driver and passenger health. Although it is possible to remove superficial contamination with simpler methods, with the ozone disinfection method, you can destroy microscopic bacteria and microbes in your vehicle, and you can remove all odors, especially cigarettes, that permeate the vehicle.

Considering the time spent in it, it is possible to say that the means of transportation are almost no different from houses. The sterilization of an environment where you spend so much time during the day plays a big role in protecting your health both in your travels and in your daily life. As a matter of fact, researches show that all transportation vehicles, especially automobiles, create an ideal environment for bacterial growth. For this reason, it is extremely important to sterilize the vehicle perfectly by using special techniques such as disinfection with ozone. If you are considering ozone disinfection and are wondering how to do in-car disinfection with ozone, you can review our article.

What is Ozone Disinfection?

Disinfection with ozone is one of the methods used in car interior cleaning for a long time. As a matter of fact, it would not be wrong to say that it is preferred because it is a very practical method as well as its powerful effect. It is sufficient to place a simple module in the vehicle air conditioner for the operation. Thanks to this module, the vehicle air conditioner can be turned on and the disinfection process with ozone gas can be started. In addition, ozone disinfection device is another option you can use to perform the process. With the extremely short ozonation process, approximately 40 minutes are required to complete the disinfection process.

Due to its structure, ozone disinfection provides a perfect sterilization. Ozone gas, which is 7 times stronger than elements such as chlorine, which is frequently used in cleaning, is extremely effective against all micro-bacterial organisms that may occur in the vehicle.

Sterilize All Contact Points

The most contact points of the drivers in a vehicle are generally functional vehicles such as the steering wheel, gear lever, rear view mirror. Naturally, every driver should be careful against viruses and germs accumulating on the surface of these vehicles. A superficial cleaning will only remove visible soiling from the vehicle. However, invisible microscopic organisms continue to pose a threat to human health.

In this sense, ozone disinfection maximizes in-vehicle sterilization. In addition to functional tools such as steering wheel, rear view mirror and gearshift, it ensures that all points from the floor you step on to the seat you sit on, from the door handle to the key slots are completely sterile. Ozone gas, which interacts quickly with all harmful organisms in the vehicle, creates a much healthier environment for you, your family and your children in a short time.

In addition to all these, it should not be forgotten that the air ducts of your vehicle are also cleaned with ozone disinfection. Depending on the use in the air conditioning ducts of most vehicles, structures such as moisture or mold begin to form, and such structures are a threat to human health, just like micro-bacterial organisms. Therefore, the air conditioner you use for your comfort is likely to turn into a danger to your health. With ozone disinfection, you can prevent potentially harmful organic and inorganic structures that may form in the air ducts of your vehicle.

Comprehensive Interior Cleaning with Experienced Staff and Advanced Equipment

Periodic car interior cleaning is extremely important for the healthy and safe completion of your journeys. A sterilized vehicle environment will not only be beneficial for your quality of life, but will also increase the pleasure you will get from your journeys.

We create sterile environments for drivers and passengers by making use of up-to-date techniques in interior cleaning, especially ozone disinfection. If you want your vehicles to be a healthier place for your family, loved ones and especially for you, contact us now.


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