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How to Clean a Car? Interior and Exterior Car Wash

Maintain Your Vehicle's First-Day Look and Maintenance with Vehicle Cleaning!

Vehicle cleaning is a process that you should do regularly, first for your health and then for the comfort of your vehicle. When it comes to car cleaning, the first thing that comes to mind is car wash. Car washing must be done regularly for exterior cleaning. However, interior cleaning is just as important as exterior cleaning. With vehicle cleaning, you can maintain the appearance and maintenance of your vehicle on the first day.

You can clean the vehicle yourself or get support from a professional team. You can read our article to have detailed information about interior and exterior car washing and to learn how to clean the car.

Interior Cleaning Must Be Done From Ceiling To Floor!

In vehicle interior cleaning, interior upholstery, seats, ceiling, floor mats, windows, storage areas and detail sections are cleaned. Interior cleaning should be done from the ceiling to the floor. First of all, the garbage, if any, in the vehicle and in the storage areas should be collected and disposed of. Cleaning the interior of the vehicle should be started by wiping the ceiling section. Afterwards, the interior of the vehicle and the seats should be swept. Seats should be cleaned with suitable cleaning materials. There are separate cleaning materials for leather and fabric. Using one type of cleaning material can damage your seats.

Door interiors, steering wheel, front compartment and storage areas are dusted. Windows and instrument panels are cleaned of dirt with suitable cleaners. Mats must be cleaned with the right technique. Mats used on the floor are of two types, rubber and carpet mats. Rubber mats can be washed by brushing with detergent and water. This technique will not be suitable for carpet mats. Carpet mats should be swept first and then shaken off. If it is desired to be washed, it should be cleaned with a suitable detergent. Another thing to consider in car interior cleaning is air conditioning cleaning. Air conditioner cleaning should be done regularly.

Wash Your Car Regularly for Exterior Cleaning!

If you are asking how to clean your car, you should have your car washed regularly for cleaning outside of the car. If you are going to do the car wash yourself, first fill the water in a bucket to avoid wasting water. Add the appropriate car shampoo to the water. Using household cleaning materials for vehicle cleaning may damage the surface of your vehicle and dull its color. With the help of a sponge, clean the dirt accumulated between the doors, the trunk lid and the hood. Scraping the dirt stuck to your vehicle may damage the vehicle paint. Therefore, be careful to use detergent water and sponge.

After detail cleaning, start cleaning your vehicle with a clean sponge and soapy water. Exterior cleaning should be done from top to bottom, just like interior cleaning. Start vehicle cleaning from the ceiling. You can rinse all parts of the vehicle with clean water after foaming with detergent water. It is also important to clean the rims in exterior cleaning. Suitable rim cleaner should be used for rim cleaning. You can clean the wheels with the help of a brush or sponge.

In car wash, you should definitely wipe it with a microfiber cloth immediately after rinsing before your car dries. Thus, you can prevent water spots that may occur on the vehicle surface. As the last step in cleaning the outside of the vehicle, you can wipe your vehicle with a special preventive maintenance material.

You Can Trust Us For Car Cleaning!

You can extend the life of your vehicle with exterior cleaning and interior cleaning. Your vehicle is your living space like your home. For your quality of life and health, you should not neglect to clean your vehicle regularly. You can improve your driving quality with your regular and clean vehicle.

Getting professional support for car cleaning can save you time and make car cleaning a routine. If you wish, we can do all the cleaning operations mentioned above for you. You can contact us for interior cleaning and car washing.


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