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How to Remove Vehicle Covering and Advertising Dressings?

Step-by-Step Car Wrap Removal Guide

Foil is used for coating process in vehicle wrapping and advertising wraps. However, situations such as the adhesion of the foil to the vehicle surface over time make the vehicle coating removal process extremely difficult. The vehicle surface, which is vulnerable to external influences, is exposed to many harsh conditions such as high temperature changes, wind, rain and so on. In addition to weather conditions, the quality of the foil used during vehicle wrapping and advertising wrapping also affects the durability of the coating.

Due to the adherence of the worn folio to the vehicle surface, the vehicle coating crumbles during removal. So much so that at some points it is possible to separate the foil from the vehicle in a healthy way, only by using special equipment. If you encounter such a problem during the dismantling process or if you want to entrust your vehicle to our experienced team from the beginning, you can contact us and benefit from our services. On the other hand, if you are planning to do the process yourself and are wondering how to remove vehicle wraps and advertising wraps, continue to review our article.

1. Learn About Coating First

Before proceeding with the vehicle coating removal process, it will be useful to have information about the foil used during the coating. If the foil process has been applied under your supervision, it is likely that you already know exactly which parts it is applied to, what type of foil is used, whether adhesive products are used or not. In particular, you should pay attention to which types of adhesives are used in which areas. Because poor quality adhesives will probably give you a headache during the removal process of the most vehicle advertisements.

2. Find an Ideal Location for Disassembly

At high temperatures, the adhesive on the coating surface stretches, causing the foil to adhere more firmly to the vehicle surface. Therefore, a hot room is not suitable for foil removal. On the other hand, in cold environments, the vehicle coating becomes harder than it should be for removal. This means that the foil makes your work more difficult by breaking and breaking during the process. Therefore, it is much more logical to prefer a shaded environment such as a large garage, or to wait for a cool evening if you are going to be removing the vehicle cover outside.

3. Make Sure You Get Everything You'll Need

Admittedly, the most honest answer to the question of how to remove advertising dressing is with tools that will make your job easier. A simple plastic squeegee will help you lift the foil off the surface. Similarly, tools such as a heat gun or blow dryer soften the surface of the vehicle cover, allowing it to come off without breaking. Finally, using chemical solutions such as foil remover and cleaning solution makes it easier to remove possible residues that the foil may leave on the vehicle surface.

4. Clean Up All Residues Without Hurry

It is important that you move at small angles to avoid ruptures and breaks during the vehicle coating removal process. Lifting the foil 20 degrees using a plastic squeegee is enough to start the vehicle coating removal process. Acting fast will not make your job complete in a short time, on the contrary, it will take much longer. In addition, the most difficult part in the vehicle coating removal process is the adhesive residues on the vehicle surface. We mentioned above that you can use chemical solutions for this. However, let us remind you that even when you use solution, this process will take time.

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