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What is Puris? What are the Benefits for the Vehicle?

Everything Your Vehicle Needs

Puris is one of the leading manufacturers of the world's best vehicle cleaning and protection systems, providing vehicle owners with the reliable service they need with environmentally friendly solutions. With its wide product portfolio, Puris vehicle maintenance offers highly effective products to vehicle owners in all areas that may be required for vehicle cleaning and maintenance.

Puris disinfection products, which provide maximum sterilization, allow you to create hygienic environments in your vehicles where you can travel safely with your family and loved ones, especially yourself. You can contact us to take advantage of the vehicle maintenance and cleaning services we provide with Puris cleaning products.

Effective Protection Against Covid-19

It is necessary to pay attention to vehicle cleaning in order to take precautions against Covid-19, which is one of the most important threats to human health today. As a matter of fact, vehicles resemble living spaces because they are closed spaces where we spend a long time, and social spaces with their openness to external influences. For this reason, it would not be an exaggeration to say that vehicle interior and exterior cleaning has an important place among the measures we take against the coronavirus.

Puris disinfection products promise effective solutions against all viruses that may pose a threat to your health, especially Covid-19. Puris disinfection products, whose effect against Covid-19 has also been approved by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, are ideal for sterilizing the interior of the vehicle. You can choose Puris cleaning products to infuse your vehicles with its 0.5% hydrogen peroxide content.

Healthy Tools for Your Kids

Compared to adults, children are more easily affected by the elements that threaten health in any environment with their more sensitive structures. Especially when it comes to young children, child seat cleaning is another factor to be taken into account, along with in-car care. Bacteria and germs that may occur in the child seat can cause health problems for your children through direct contact.

At this point, Puris cleaning products are one of the best helpers in your fight against possible microorganisms in your vehicle. Puris protection products, which eliminate harmful micro-bacterial structures, create a hygienic environment for your children. In addition, Puris products are extremely safe for people of all age groups due to their non-waste-producing structure and their ingredients that interact quickly with air molecules.

End To Bad Odors

In order to make your journeys more hygienic and comfortable, you can clean the interior of the vehicle with Puris cleaning products. It is impossible for the heavy and irritating odors that have permeated your vehicle for a long time to withstand the effective formula of Puris products. With Puris car care products, you can instantly find solutions to all your problems, from cigarette smoke to food odors that cannot be passed through ventilation, from pets to the smell of diesel and oil.

The Best Choice for Your Vehicle

With more than 20 years of experience in the vehicle maintenance and detailing industry, Puris has a wide range of products to meet the demands of vehicle owners and the needs of vehicles. Puris paint protection products ensure that your vehicle, which you bought with great pleasure, will always remain impressive by preserving the shine of your vehicle on the first day. Puris paint protection products, which promise long-term protection, thus prevent extra costs and time losses.

As B&T Car Cleaning & Detailing, we serve you with the identity of Puris authorized dealer. In addition, if you entrust your vehicles to us, we also perform protection, cleaning, detailing and maintenance operations with Puris products. If you want to deliver your vehicle in the hands of a reliable team, you can contact us and benefit from our services in all areas from air conditioning cleaning to component maintenance, from sterilization against viruses and bacteria to vehicle paint protection. In cooperation with B&T Cleaning and Puris, we offer you the most ideal solutions for your vehicle.


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