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How is Car Window Film Coated?

Let Your Car Reflect Your Style

Once you have started to strive to make your vehicle look more stylish, you will immediately notice that there are many options available to you. One of the most ideal applications to achieve an especially elegant appearance is to have vehicle window film made.

Vehicle window film, which is a polyester material, is generally produced using polymer resin. In addition to its structure that largely prevents the interior of the vehicle from being seen, it is also ideal for catching a stylish look with a simple touch. But when we start talking about the benefits of car window films, you will realize that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Why Should You Use Car Window Film?

If you do not have an aesthetic concern, you may think that it is unnecessary to have car window films made. However, let's say right away that this is a big mistake. On the contrary, car window film is an accessory that contributes a lot to your driving experience in terms of its benefits.

First of all, it should be emphasized that the sun acts as a filter against harmful ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays are not only harmful to our eyes, but also to the texture of car seats and the surface of the inner body. Car window film helps you to preserve the vitality of the car interior for a longer time by isolating these harmful rays to a large extent.

In addition, let us remind you that the car window film is also a protective layer for the windows of your car. Vehicle windows, which are completely open to external influences, are easily scratched and even shattered. However, vehicle window film applications provide great protection for your vehicle against such situations.

Another of the benefits of vehicle window film is that it contributes to balancing the interior temperature of the vehicle. Vehicle window film, which provides a shaded area in the vehicle, thus makes it easier for the air conditioner to do its job.

How to Install Car Window Film?

If you have the necessary materials, you can easily install the car window film on your own. We recommend that you start by cleaning the glass surface in detail first. In this way, you can remove any foreign matter that may cause the film to look bad. Of course, after you finish the cleaning process, you should wipe the glass or dry it with tools such as a scraping razor.

Then cut the film to 2 mm more than the vehicle glass and apply it on the glass after removing the protective layer. This is the most important step in vehicle window film applications. When placing the film, you should be careful not to leave any gaps on the edges of the glass.

Finally, complete the process by removing the air bubbles formed on the surface of the vehicle window film with the help of spatula-like tools. After doing all this, you shouldn't have any problems. Vehicle window film coating is a process that requires dexterity rather than expertise. However, if you want the help of an experienced and reliable hand, we would like to remind you that you can reach us immediately.

So, Does Window Film Have Any Harms?

When it comes to vehicle cleaning and detailing, vehicle window film is one of the most urban legends about. For this reason, you are likely to witness many people giving speeches about car window film damages. However, the only possible harm of window film is that it closes the field of view, which is only valid for poor quality window films. However, a significant portion of car owners are concerned about whether car window film is prohibited for this reason.

If we need to correct this mistake here, the car window film ban only applies to the windshield. In other windows, there are rules that you must follow. Accordingly, the light transmittance of vehicle window film applications should be at least 70%. This means that you can safely apply window films 1 and 2 to windows other than the windshield.

Car Window Film Prices

Vehicle window film prices also vary due to many factors, from the quality of the application material to the dimensions of the vehicle glass. At this point, we would like to emphasize that we, as B&T Cleaning, offer you ideal solutions at budget-friendly prices. You can contact us for a quick application with affordable car window film prices and take advantage of our services.


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