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How to Remove the Writings on the Car? Sticker and Adhesive Tape Removal

Practical Solutions That Do Not Harm The Vehicle Surface

You bought a second-hand vehicle and you didn't like the stickers on it, or you decided to have it made with stickers years ago, but it doesn't look as good as it used to. Adhesive tape removal can be a difficult task, especially if we are talking about worn and dried tapes. Because the important thing is to remove the tape without damaging the vehicle paint or glass. However, it must be admitted that it is not that easy.

At this point, we would like to remind you that you can contact us to seek professional support for car sticker removal. Thanks to our advanced technical equipment, you can get rid of adhesive tapes without causing the slightest damage to the vehicle surface. However, if you want to try your luck and wonder how to remove the writings on the car, you can review our article.

Tips for Easily Removing Adhesive Tape

The stickers on your vehicle may penetrate the vehicle surface more than it should, depending on external effects. This is inevitable, especially when it comes to vehicle stickers that have been used for a long time. Penetration of the sticker on the vehicle surface is the main reason that complicates the car sticker removal process. Because it is possible that you may damage a part of the vehicle paint during the sticker removal process.

If you are planning to produce solutions from daily life, it may be easier to warm the area before removing the adhesive tape. For heating, for example, you can use the hair dryer in your home. Our aim here is to minimize the effect of the adhesive surface of the tape as much as possible and to minimize the possible traces on the vehicle. Similarly, rubbing the surface with hot water before removing the tape can also give positive results.

Another method you can use besides heating is to try to remove the adhesive tape using cellulosic thinner. First, remove the adhesive as much as you can by hand or by the methods mentioned above. Afterwards, you can complete the car tape removal process by using a chemical such as thinner or acetone for the remaining traces.

At this point, we believe it would be useful to point out that we do not recommend more risky methods such as scraping with a razor blade. Attempting to remove adhesive tape with a razor blade may result in scratches on the surface of your vehicle that are difficult to remove. It is also possible that during the disassembly process, situations that may pose a risk to your health may occur.

Entrust Your Vehicle to Us for Reliable Solutions

If you want to get rid of the adhesive tapes on the surface of your vehicle, you can contact us and you can find the solution you are looking for in a very short time. Thanks to the process we perform with the help of car sticker removal solution, we get rid of adhesive tapes in a very practical way.

We facilitate the removal process by reducing the stickiness of the sticker with the solution we use to dissolve the sticky material on the sticker surface. In addition, we perform the adhesive tape removal process by using special equipment on stubborn tapes that are difficult to separate from the vehicle surface, and we deliver your vehicle to you. You can enjoy a cleaning service at international standards by contacting us for vehicle sticker removal and all other vehicle cleaning operations.


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