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How to Clean Car Rim and Tire?

Unleash Your Car's Real Performance

The part of your vehicle that is most in contact with the road is the wheels and tires. Accordingly, it should be considered natural that the rims and tires are the components most exposed to external influences, wear and pollution.

How to clean vehicle rims and tires? In our article, we will give you tips that will make the wheel tire cleaning process easier. You can do the car rim cleaning process on your own by using the tips we have given. Of course, if you need professional support, you can contact us.

What Do You Need for Wheel Cleaning?

Before proceeding with the vehicle rim cleaning process, it is useful to make sure that you have everything you need with you. First of all, let's say right away that products such as rim cleaning spray are extremely successful in removing stains on the rim surface. You can be sure that you will do a much faster and more effective cleaning with this type of product. Also, don't forget to take a rim cleaning brush with you.

Apart from these, we believe that you can easily find all the materials you will need in your home. Soap and soapy water should be among your indispensable parts in cleaning rims and tires, as in all vehicle exterior cleaning operations. In addition, two soft-textured sponges will help you remove stubborn stains without damaging the rim or tires during application.

How to Clean Wheel Rim?

After acquiring the materials listed above, you can now start cleaning the rim of your vehicle. Let me warn you; Vehicle rims and tires are a very suitable place to get dirt, as they are in constant contact with the road and reach high temperatures while driving. Therefore, if you have undertaken a complete exterior cleaning and finally come to the vehicle rim cleaning process, you are likely to encounter the most dirt here.

You can remove the dirt on the rim, so to speak, by initially washing it with soapy water. This will remove many stains on the surface. After you have finished washing with soapy water, you can take a 5 or 10 minute break from the vehicle rim cleaning process. Then we will move on to the most important part of the job by purifying the foams with a sponge.

Start rubbing after spraying the rim cleaning spray onto the rim or a second sponge. Vehicle rim cleaning spray, also known as rim acid, will remove all stains on the rim and tire.

Things to Consider During Wheel Cleaning

You should be cautious about the materials you will use in order to carry out the rim cleaning process in a healthy way and not to damage the rim or tire. Most of the time, car owners think that detergent, coke and similar highly acidic or abrasive products are ideal for rim cleaning. However, it should be emphasized that this is a big mistake. On the contrary, using such materials may cause hard-to-reversible wear or scratches on the rim surface.

In the same way, one of the materials you should pay attention to is the sponge you will use. As we said while sorting the materials, it is important that the sponge you will use in cleaning the vehicle rim is soft. Sponges and brushes that are hard or have a rough surface can scratch the rim. If you're not sure, it's best to go for rim brushes designed for rim cleaning. In addition, if the paint brushes you use while painting your house are not very old, they can be counted as a useful solution.

Reliable Solution for Fast Wheel and Tire Cleaning

If you are worried that you may damage the surfaces while cleaning the rims and tires, or if you want to spare your time for another activity rather than cleaning the rim of the vehicle, you can entrust your vehicle to us. In addition to our experienced staff, we also respond to your expectations with our up-to-date equipment quality, and we offer the most ideal solutions for your vehicle with wheel tire cleaning, which we perform with a fast and detailed approach.


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