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How is the Headlight Polishing Process Done in Cars?

Practical Headlight Polishing Techniques You Can Easily Apply

It is perfectly natural for harsh road conditions to adversely affect your vehicle headlights. Especially in winter and autumn, the harsh conditions created by snow and rain cause vehicle headlights to become dirty in a short time. In addition to the cosmetic appearance, as this pollution increases, it will begin to seriously affect your road vision.

So the only solution is to replace your car's headlights? Let's say right away that this is not the only solution. If you are wondering how car headlight polishing is done, you can review our article, you can make your car's headlights look like the first day with extremely simple headlight polishing techniques that you can do on your own.

The Surprising Effect of Toothpaste

Yes, you didn't read it wrong. One of the most ideal materials you can use for polishing headlights is surprisingly toothpaste. Especially if your headlights seem a bit foggy, an abrasive product such as toothpaste will come in handy.

First, clean the headlight lenses with soapy water before proceeding with the polishing process. Then apply some toothpaste on the wet headlight lenses using a soft cloth. Just enough toothpaste to cover your fingertips. Then, with the cloth, swipe the paste over the headlight, just like a toothbrush. It is important to pay attention to keep the surface wet in order to get a definitive solution in headlight polishing. Finally, when you rinse the headlights, even you will not believe how your headlights shine.

Sanding and Headlight Polish

The combination of sandpaper and headlight polish is one of the most practical headlight polishing techniques that you can apply on your own. However, let us remind you that you should be especially careful during the sanding phase. Too much pressure against the glass surface can scratch your headlights.

First of all, tape around the headlight using paper tapes so that if your hand slips during sanding, you will prevent damage to the car paint. Then you can start by wetting the headlight surface. By completing the sanding without rushing and putting pressure on the glass, you can start applying the headlight polish, which is the much easier part of the headlight polishing process. Dry the headlight lens before applying the polish and do not try to spread the headlight polish over the entire headlight in a circular motion.

What about Scratched Headlights?

Just like in vehicle paint, scratches may occur on headlight glasses depending on road conditions. Admittedly, it is quite difficult to completely remove both vehicle paint and headlight scratches unless they are superficial. It will not be wrong to say that the situation is one degree more difficult than paint scratches, especially when it comes to scratch headlight polishing. Because while you can cover the area with a second layer in superficial paint scratches, there is no such option in headlight glasses.

If the scratches on the glass surface are few, you can try the toothpaste application mentioned above for headlight polishing. However, in higher scratches, it is useful to apply for scratch remover products. In addition, hologram sprays, which you can use after reducing the effect of the scratch by sanding, are another method you can use for scratch headlight polishing. Depending on the scratch rate on the headlight glass, the process is likely to take between half an hour and 2 hours. You can apply all of the methods we have mentioned together after more sanding, especially in high-level scratches.

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Dealing with headlight polishing on your own is extremely tiring, especially when you need to sand long and lightly. In addition, it is possible that you will cause extra damage to both the car paint and the headlight glasses at this time. For reliable and practical solutions, you can contact us and watch your vehicle headlights regain their first-day appearance, and you can receive your vehicle as soon as possible thanks to our innovative headlight polishing techniques.


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