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Car Air Conditioner Cleaning Steps

Turn Your Vehicle into a Spacious Living Space

It must be admitted that air conditioning is a real savior, especially in summer heat. This is true not only in living spaces but also in our vehicles, where we spend a significant part of the day. However, if you do not give the necessary importance to the cleaning of the vehicle air conditioner, things may turn upside down for your air conditioner, which should give your vehicle a fresh atmosphere. In addition to various malfunctions, structures such as moisture or mold formed in the air conditioner and in the air ducts are also suitable for the source of bad odors.

If you think that your air conditioner is not performing well enough, it is time to ask the question of how to clean your car air conditioner. Even if you do not encounter a performance problem, if you have not cleaned your car air conditioner for a long time, the bacteria that multiply in the air conditioner radiator may be threatening your health. If you want to learn how to clean the car air conditioner before starting the cleaning, if you are looking for useful tips, you are at the right place. You can find the information you can use by examining our article.

1. Get Started with Pollen Filter Cleaning

One of the most common causes of performance losses in vehicle air conditioners is excessive contamination of the pollen filter. The location of the pollen filter differs from vehicle to vehicle. However, you will most likely find it when you check the dashboard or dashboard. It is best to start the vehicle air conditioner cleaning process from the pollen filter. Because the pollen filter can be easily replaced and practical, and it can also help you solve many problems related to your air conditioner.

2. You Must Purify Mold in the Air Channels

If your car's air conditioner has started to blow bad smells, the first usual suspect that comes to mind is air ducts. Vehicle air conditioning duct cleaning purifies microorganisms that form in the air ducts and cause mold odor. You can use air conditioner cleaning sprays for this. Air conditioner cleaning sprays specially produced for vehicle air conditioning duct cleaning will help you solve your problem in a practical way.

To apply the spray to the air conditioner, first set the vehicle air conditioner to heating mode for 5 or 10 minutes. Then turn off the air conditioner and the vehicle and apply the spray. Afterwards, you can operate the air conditioner in low mode to blow hot air again. After about half an hour, the vehicle will start to show the results of the air conditioning duct cleaning process.

3. You Can Clean a Radiator to Improve Air Conditioning Performance

Depending on the usage, it is possible for the air conditioner radiators to calcify over time. By cleaning the vehicle air conditioner radiator, you can easily dissolve this lime. For this, it is sufficient to first empty the water in the radiator and add a radiator cleaner instead. After the radiator cleaner solution circulates in the system for 30 to 45 minutes, you can get rid of performance losses caused by limescale.

4. Improve Your Quality of Life with Clean Air

Air conditioners are an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria due to intensive air circulation. In particular, we can say that the humidity in the air conditioner is exactly the habitat desired by the bacteria. You can clean the vehicle air conditioner bacteria in order not to encounter any health problems and to make your vehicle hygienic for both you and your loved ones.

One of the most effective applications in car cleaning, especially air conditioning cleaning, is ozone disinfection. Vehicle air conditioner ozone cleaning quickly interacts with the microorganisms formed in and inside the air conditioner ducts and eliminates these elements, which are a threat to your health, in a short time.

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