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Car Bumper Scratches Removal Methods

Practical Solutions for Your Car

If we leave out the tires and rims, the bumpers are the closest part of your vehicle to the ground. As a result, a high bump, a lightly rubbing curb, or even a stone bouncing off your tires can leave scratches or cosmetic damage to your bumper. So what should be done for bumper scratch repair?

Let's say there are different methods you can try for car bumper scratch removal. In our article, we will give you information about various vehicle bumper scratches removal methods. Especially when it comes to superficial scratches, you can try these methods before you start thinking about repainting the bumper area.

How to Remove Bumper Scratches?

Until the 2000s, mostly steel, iron and similar heavy metals were used in vehicle bumpers. When you first hear it, you may think that such heavy metals are of better quality. However, you should not forget that heavy metals have a serious disadvantage when it comes to scratches that may occur as a result of minor contacts. Repainting was the only thing you could do to repair bumper scratches on bumpers manufactured using heavy metals. Moreover, not only scratches, but also problems such as rusting were extremely annoying for vehicle owners.

In modern vehicles using plastic bumpers, there are more methods you can apply to repair vehicle bumper scratches. On the other hand, the bumper section of the vehicle has a different structure from the other parts due to the plastic bumpers. This means that for operations such as bumper scratch removal, you have to resort to different techniques than those applied to the vehicle body. Therefore, if you are not careful, you may encounter a situation such as deterioration of the surface.

It is best to decide on the buffer scratch removal method you will apply according to the depth of the scratch and the area it covers. It is possible to act similarly to paint scratches as long as you are more cautious, especially when it comes to superficial scratches. However, for deeper scratches, you may need to find different solutions or contact a professional.

1. Superficial Bumper Scratch Correction

It is possible to use wax polish for superficial bumper scratch repair. You can also choose products such as toothpaste to produce a daily solution. However, choosing wax polish will be more successful in ensuring that the result is as you want.

However, it is imperative that you apply the wax with the polishing cloth softly and carefully, as we mentioned above. Let's also remind you that you should be extra cautious, especially if the scratch is close to the corners. In addition, it is important that you constantly control the temperature during the process so that you do not encounter undesirable situations such as deterioration of the surface.

2. You Can Try Pad Retouching Pens

Another option you can try for paintless bumper scratch removal is the bumper touch-up pen. Bumper scratch retouching pens can produce practical solutions, especially in cases where the black plastic floor under the paint is slightly visible.

If you couldn't get the result you wanted from the bumper retouching pen, you have to admit that you don't have much chance for unpainted bumper scratch correction. In case of scratches deeper than this, sanding the area and applying paint and polishing is the best choice you can make.

Reliable Address for Bumper Scratch Removal

If you are not getting the results you want with bumper scratch repair or are worried about causing further damage to your vehicle, you can contact us. Together with our expert staff and a large number of technical equipment, we offer you comprehensive support in vehicle cleaning and detailing, especially bumper scratch repair. You can be sure that your car will look like new with the fast and reliable car bumper scratch removal methods we will apply.


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