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How is Car Paint Polished?

Make Your Vehicle Look Like New

It is natural for your vehicle to lose its shine over time. But don't worry right away. There are many methods you can use to shine car paint. By using these methods, you can renew the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle, ensure that it preserves its value, and achieve a fresh and spacious look.

Basically, taking good care of your vehicle's surface is the most important point to keep it shiny and clean. However, if you are a car lover, a clean look may not be enough for you. As a matter of fact, no matter how much you care about maintenance, it is impossible to completely protect the vehicle surface from the sun's rays. Accordingly, the paint of your vehicle will fade over time and will take a more matte appearance. If you think that your vehicle is far from its old appearance for reasons such as matte vehicle paint, and you are wondering how to polish the vehicle paint, you can review our article.

Wash Your Car with Polished Car Shampoo

Washing your car with polished car shampoo is one of the most ideal ways to regain its sparkling appearance. Starting the job with washing is also important in terms of cleaning the foreign materials accumulated in your vehicle. Don't think we're just talking about dirt. Over time, many substances will adhere to the vehicle surface, from oil to fingerprints, from insects to small particles of various objects. Washing first removes all of this.

At this point, let's make a warning right away. Most car owners turn to alternatives such as dishwashing liquid instead of polished car shampoo because they can easily be found in their homes. However, when it comes to car paint polishing, it is possible that you will encounter more harm than good from your dishwashing liquid. Because the vast majority of dishwashing detergents contain chemicals such as ammonia, which can damage vehicle paint lacquer and coating.

On the contrary, polished car shampoo has a special content for car paint polishing processes. With its structure that softens the vehicle surface, it delays the peeling of the vehicle paint as well as polishing the matte vehicle paint. By using polished car shampoo, you can ensure that your vehicle regains its first-day appearance, while at the same time, you can ensure that it preserves this appearance for many years.

Periodic Polishing and Maintenance for Permanent Solution

Applying car paint polish will create an effect that meets your expectations on your vehicle in order to obtain a shining look like the day it left the factory. However, it is important to emphasize that this appearance will not be permanent. Because no matter how good your vehicle goes through the paint polishing process, it is ultimately open to external influences.

For this reason, you should pay attention to periodic polishing, car paint polishing and maintenance processes in order to maintain the shine of your vehicle. It is possible to ensure that your vehicle retains its color for a longer time by using paint protection applications after the polishing process. Since the vehicle paint polish is a thin layer on its own, it provides a shine of 2-3 months, while this period extends up to 1-2 years with the processes such as car paint polishing, protection and polishing.

Fast vehicle paint polish does not include extra processes such as paint protection. Therefore, as the name suggests, it should be emphasized that although it is a practical process, it does not promise a long-term solution. On the other hand, applications such as paste polish include processes such as paint protection and polishing beforehand, as well as vehicle paint polish. Thanks to the polishing process, scratches and simple cosmetic damages on the vehicle surface are removed. This will contribute to making your vehicle look like new even before the vehicle paint polish has been applied.

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