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B&T Cleaning – We Are The Best For Your Cars!

As a family company with more than 20 years of experience, we offer solutions that suit your needs with our expert and experienced team, advanced technology and high service standards, and our customer approach that does not compromise on quality! We care about the health and safety of you and your family with our hygiene, maintenance and repair services specific to your cars.

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Car Cleaning and Maintenance

With our high standard cleaning and sterilization processes, we carry out detailed maintenance of your vehicles and provide budget-friendly service.

repair and refurbishment

Repair and Refurbishment

With meticulous workmanship and high quality vision, we repair aesthetic problems such as scratches and dents and give your cars a new look.



In order to preserve the comfort and appearance of your vehicle for many years, we apply paint, armor and waxguards and make its perfection permanent.

Leader in Next Generation Car Cleaning!

We produce fast and practical solutions by using the most up-to-date and technological materials and equipment, and we provide support at any time with service continuity while delivering your vehicle as soon as possible!

Our Services – Enjoy the Privilege with B&T Car Cleaning!

We work for your satisfaction with our quality services from car wash to detailed interior cleaning, from paint protection to ozone disinfection, from engine cleaning to scratch removal! We offer you fast and safe, distinctive and contemporary services!

Car Repair and Renovation Services – Expert Team and Quality

Our high-tech industry continues our repair services and repair tools, guaranteed applications and products for our renovations! Scratches, dents or dents are no longer a problem, B&T Car Cleaning is waiting for you for minimum cost, maximum support!

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How would you like to add aesthetics and comfort to your vehicle?

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B&T Car Cleaning – Leading Company in Car Cleaning!

We continue to be one of the best in our industry with our 20 years of experience in vehicle cleaning and repair, our professional staff and our quality policy that prioritizes customer satisfaction! If you want to get the fastest and safest service and to deliver your vehicle in safe hands, join the B&T Auto Cleaning family without wasting time!

20 Years of Experience

As a company that has been serving in vehicle cleaning, maintenance and repair for many years, we offer you the best service with a development-oriented and innovative approach.

Expert and Professional Team

We support your vehicles with hygiene and comfort with our experienced maintenance and repair team, which closely follows the innovations of the sector and constantly improves itself.

The Best Material and Technology

We guarantee durable, long-lasting and safe use by using the best materials and technologies in the maintenance and repair processes of your cars.

bt car cleaning

Friendly Service

We offer a sincere and sincere service with our staff that focuses on customer satisfaction, has strong communication power, and produces understanding and practical solutions.

Fast and Safe Service

We ensure that your vehicles are delivered without any problems by cleaning, maintenance and repairs as soon as possible and to the standards you demand.

Service Continuity

We provide support for all your problems and questions, not only during the service but also after a phone call away.

Before After - We Provide Your Cars With An Impressive Image!

Take a look at the cars that have a completely different look by taking advantage of our vehicle cleaning, maintenance and repair services! If you want to add innovation to your vehicle and get rid of its old and neglected appearance, stop by B&T Car Cleaning...

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High Standards of Service

We offer a new generation of vehicle cleaning privileges with our modern maintenance and repair services.

Guaranteed Solutions

With detailed workmanship and expert approach, we ensure the safety of your vehicles and make guaranteed interventions.

Innovation and Comfort

We renew the appearance of your vehicles, provide long-lasting use and uninterrupted comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

We serve car washing, interior cleaning, paint armor, polish protection, decal removal, ozone disinfection, headlight polishing, engine cleaning, seat upholstery cleaning, rim and tire cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, scratch removal, dent and dent repair. We provide services in areas such as window film coating, puris protection.

Our company provides vehicle cleaning, maintenance and repair services to almost every city in the Netherlands, especially Hertogenbosch.

B&T Cleaning & Detailing is located in Hertogenbosch. We serve our customers every day of the week except Sunday.

In order to benefit from our vehicle cleaning, maintenance and repair services, you can contact us at the contact addresses on our website or request our team to call you by sending a message.

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Same Day Service, Detailed Cleaning

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Expert and Experienced Team

We bring your vehicles to perfection with our experienced team, each of whom is an expert in their field, develops themselves and closely follows the innovations in the sector!

Our employees and technical staff, who are experienced in vehicle maintenance and repair, have received professional training and have been members of our family for years, continue to meet the expectations of our customers without compromising their work disciplines with their knowledge and experience. won day by day.

If you want to get service from an expert and deliver your vehicles to reliable hands, let's meet. Let's make big differences with small touches...

Our Team

Premium Services

We are always with you for personal and corporate vehicle maintenance and repair solutions with our modern, aesthetic and creative perspective.

We provide professional service and take care to meet all your demands and needs, especially detailed vehicle cleaning, paint protection applications, bacteria and virus sterilization, engine and air conditioning cleaning, scratch removal, dent and dent repair, writing and label removal. your expectations.

We follow sectoral developments and innovations and adapt them to our company, and we guarantee that you will receive a high level of service quality.

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More than 6000 Happy Customers

Kurulduğumuz günden bu yana %100 müşteri memnuniyetine dayalı çalışma prensibimizle hizmet vermeye devam ediyoruz.

Tam donanımlı araç temizleme ve bakım merkezimiz, modern ve güvenilir hizmetlerimiz, en iyi malzeme ve ekipman kullanımımız, eğitimli personelimiz ve takım ruhumuzla fark yaratmaya devam ediyor; sizleri de ailemizin bir parçası olarak görmekten mutluluk duyuyoruz.

Özel ve ayrıcalıklı bir hizmet almak, sizi dinleyen ve beklentilerinizi önemseyen bir araba temizleme firması arıyorsanız doğru yerdesiniz!

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The most experienced car cleaning and maintenance company in the Netherlands.


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