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Puris Protection

The Protection You Need at B&T!

B&T Cleaning & Detailing helps you bring hygiene and comfort to your vehicle as a Puris authorized dealer.

Puris Europe; aims to create the highest quality polishes and vehicle protection products that are both safe to use and protect the environment. Thanks to Puris, which has the best protection system in the world, your vehicle will always be new and safe!

Meet Puris Europe for the best and environmentally friendly solutions, get rid of stubborn stains, oil, dirt, germs and bacteria in your vehicle.

Since its founding in 1970, Puris has been used by vehicle maintenance centers, OEM manufacturers and other specialists around the world.

puris protection

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Puris D21 Disinfect RTU is a disinfectant with virucidal effect and is one of the most effective sterilizations for Covid-19 (SARS-coV-2).

In the Netherlands, according to the CTBG (based on the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and I&W), products containing 0.5% hydrogen peroxide were found to be suitable against the corona virus. For this reason, we always use D21 Disinfected RTU Puris when disinfecting your vehicle and remove the Covid-19 virus from your life.

Thanks to Puris, which has a "full spectrum" virucidal effect, you can drive more safely, freshen your air and get rid of health problems. Be sure to try it!

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Seat and Upholstery Cleaning

We destroy the microorganisms that form on your car's fabric and leather seats, floor carpets and ceiling tiles!

Thanks to Puris, which perfectly cleans all kinds of materials such as fabric, rubber, plastic, carpet and leather, we purify your vehicle from germs, bacteria, dirt and stains and provide superior protection. We help you always keep your car seats, floor carpets and headliners clean.

If you want to remove bad odors and unhealthy conditions in your vehicle, contact us without delay and take advantage of our Puris protection service.

Seat and Floor Cleaning
seat and upholstery cleaning
child seat cleaning

Child Seat Cleaning

We are thinking of your children too! Removes food and drink stains from child seats, bad we eliminate odors and germs…

For the health and safety of your children, we clean the baby and child seats you use in the car using effective Puris and ozone. With our methods that permanently destroy unwanted odors, bacteria and microorganisms, we enable you to have pleasant journeys with your children.

B&T Cleaning & Detailing offers the best for your vehicle and family with detailed sterilization services!

Child Seat Cleaning

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Do not forget that air conditioners that are not cleaned spread germs and protect your health thanks to Puris Europe!

Thanks to the Puris Europe we apply inside the vehicle, your air conditioners will also be cleaner and will work more efficiently. In addition, you will not encounter bad odors, bacteria and germs. The air of your vehicle will always be fresh and healthy.

Take care of your vehicle for a perfect driving experience, contact us to get quality service from an expert team...

Air Conditioning Cleaning
air conditioning cleaning
car trunk cleaning

Car Trunk Cleaning

With Puris Europe, we thoroughly clean and sterilize the trunk lining and plastic parts of your vehicle.

We disinfect your vehicle completely by using the best materials to destroy the bacteria that form in the trunk and cause bad odor. By purifying all surfaces from germs, we ensure that you can safely use your suitcases for food and beverage, luggage and belongings.

We take special care of every detail of your vehicle. It's time to meet B&T Cleaning & Detailing privileges!

Car Trunk Cleaning

Glovebox and Plastic Parts Cleaning

Thanks to Puris Europe, we thoroughly clean and destroy bacteria and dirt that penetrate into hard-to-reach areas.

With D21 Disinfected RTU Puris Europe, which eliminates viruses, bacteria and germs in the air, we disinfect your vehicle's glove box, door and window handles, gears and pedals, radio and CD players and all plastic parts. We purify your vehicle from odors caused by bacteria and dirt.

Time to discover the power of Puris! If you want your car to be clean, start taking advantage of our new generation car cleaning services!

Glovebox and Plastic Parts Cleaning
glovebox and plastic parts cleaning
puris protection prices

Full Protection for Your Vehicle with Puris!

A Clean Car Means a Safe Driving!

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B&T Car Cleaning – Leading Brand in Car Cleaning!

We continue to be one of the best in our industry with our 20 years of experience in vehicle cleaning and repair, our professional staff and our quality policy that prioritizes customer satisfaction! If you want to get the fastest and safest service and to deliver your vehicle in safe hands, join the B&T Auto Cleaning family without wasting time!

20 Years of Experience

As a company that has been serving in vehicle cleaning, maintenance and repair for many years, we offer you the best service with a development-oriented and innovative approach.

Expert and Professional Team

We add hygiene and comfort to your vehicles with our experienced maintenance and repair team, which closely follows the innovations of the sector and constantly improves itself.

Best Material and Technology

We guarantee durable and long-lasting use by using the best materials and technologies in the maintenance and repair processes of your vehicles.

puris protection

Friendly Service

We offer a sincere and sincere service with our staff that focuses on customer satisfaction, has strong communication power, and produces understanding and practical solutions.

Fast and Safe Response

Standard cleaning, maintenance and repairs of your cars as soon as possible and in the way of complete delivery.

Service Continuity

For all your problems and questions, we support you not only during the service but also a phone call away.

Puris Conservation Process – Get to Know Us Closer!

Take a look at our Puris protection processes, if you want to add innovation to your vehicle and get rid of its old and neglected appearance, stop by B&T Car Cleaning...

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High Service Standards

We offer a new generation of vehicle cleaning privileges with our modern maintenance and repair services.

Guaranteed Solutions

With detailed workmanship and expert approach, we ensure the safety of your vehicles and make guaranteed interventions.

Innovation and Comfort

We renew the appearance of your vehicles, provide long-lasting use and uninterrupted comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Puris protection prices; It is determined according to how many cars will be protected by Puris, whether different cleaning and maintenance applications are required, and your extra expectations and demands. For information about Puris protection prices, you can check our prices page or call us if you wish.

In order to benefit from our Puris protection and vehicle maintenance and repair services, you can contact us at the contact addresses on our website, or you can request our team to call you by sending a message.

B&T Cleaning & Detailing is located in Hertogenbosch. We serve our customers every day of the week except Sunday.

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