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About Us

B&T Cleaning & Detailing is a stable family business operating in the vehicle maintenance and repair industry for nearly 20 years.

Our company, which is the founder of the system in which professional vehicle maintenance and protection services are offered within the concept in the Netherlands, adds dealers to its body day by day with its brand awareness. We always continue to provide the best service for you with our working principle based on customer satisfaction, high quality standard, expert team and innovative perspective.

We think of the best for your vehicle, and meet your expectations at a high level with the rich options and environmentally friendly solutions we offer. Come to meet.

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Years Of Experience

The most experienced car cleaning and maintenance company in the Netherlands.


Service Areas

Services that make a difference in car cleaning, maintenance and repair.


Cleaned Vehicles

Thousands of cars with a new and eye-catching look.


Happy Customers

Thousands of happy customers for whom we offer custom solutions.

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Vision & Mission

Our aim; to provide the most appropriate vehicle maintenance services to our customers in an environmentally friendly, professional and reliable manner.

Our vision; To continue to be a trusted and preferred vehicle maintenance company that adds value to its sector and its customers, keeps the service quality at the highest level by following the technology and current developments, and meets the expectations by producing solutions to the needs. Our route is to provide modern and privileged service in vehicle cleaning, maintenance and protection applications.

With our experience, values and technical infrastructure, we want to respond effectively to the current and future demands of our customers and to maintain our feature of being an honest and transparent company.

Our Team

We bring perfection to your vehicles with our experienced team, each of whom is an expert in their own field, develops themselves and follows the innovations in the sector!

Our employees and technical staff, who are experienced in vehicle maintenance and repair, have received professional training and have been members of our family for years, continue to meet the expectations of our customers without compromising their work disciplines with their knowledge and experience. won day by day.

If you want to get service from an expert and deliver your vehicles to reliable hands, let's meet. Let's make big differences with small touches...

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Our Quality Policy

We serve with a quality target that respects the environment and nature, cares about human health, and is shaped in parallel with technology.

We try to keep the sectoral efficiency and competition alive while taking care to implement the applications that will ensure customer satisfaction and the safety of our team at every stage of our services. We provide durable, long-lasting and remarkable services by using the best materials and technology, and try to contribute to the personal and professional development of our employees.

We are raising our standards in order to maintain our current quality, to meet customer demands completely and on time, to protect the environment and to offer economical solutions!

B&T Cleaning & Detailing - Leading Brand in Vehicle Care and Repair!

Check out our partners and references who prefer B&T Cleaning & Detailing and join this big family!

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See our workshop, vehicle maintenance and repair processes, our team and our pre- and post-vehicle changes closely, get to know us better! Check out the comments of our customers and business partners, join our family! Come and meet for our high standard services and cost-effective solutions…

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